Best Car Games for Kids

Best Car Games for Kids

We’ve all been on a long road trip and asked the dreaded question: are we there yet? Or maybe you were the one asking when you were younger. Either way, if you’ve ever travelled with young kids, you know how important it is to have something to entertain them on those long drives. 

We’ve put together the best car games for kids to easily play in the car and pass the time on your next day trip! From word games and question games to simple sightseeing, there’s something here for kids of all ages. 

1. The Name Game

This one’s easy and you don’t need any supplies! Here’s how the game works: 

  • Pick a category (cities, food, animals, movies, etc.)
  • The first person picks a word
  • The next person has to say a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word
  • Keep going until you run out of ideas – there can’t be repeats!

For example: if the first person chooses “dog” as the first animal, the next person could pick “gorilla” and so on. 

2. Count the Cows

This game isn’t limited to cows, but make sure it’s a common animal or object! Have your kids keep a tally of the number of cows (or horses, or road signs, etc.) they see on your route and whoever counts the highest number wins!

3. I Spy

Who doesn’t love a classic? I Spy is one of the easiest games to play. Have one person choose an object and start by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something that is ______.” The descriptive word they choose could be a colour, texture, action word or otherwise. The options are endless! Everyone else will try to guess the object. 

4. Tell a Story Together

Let your creativity soar and tell a story as a family! Each person gets to say a set number of words (you can pick how many). Once the first person finishes their words, the next person continues the story where it was left off. 

5. Three-Word Story

This is another variation of a story game that’s better suited for your older kids. Parents can choose three nouns and each player has to tell a story that includes those three items. 

Here’s an example: 

Nouns: Disney World, hat, slushie

Story: When I went to Disney World, I lost my hat on the roller coaster and someone’s slushie spilled all over me! 

6. Scavenger Hunt

Once you’re settled in with your seatbelts on, pick five items for your kids to search for over the length of the trip. It’s best if you know there will be certain items you’ll encounter on your specific route. Whoever spots the most items wins!

This could be items like: 

  • Stop sign
  • Cows
  • Gas station
  • Sunflower field
  • Tractor

7. The Quiet Game 

Parents, if you’re at your wits end and need some peace and quiet, try the quiet game. It’s simple – the kid that stays quiet the longest wins (but it’s more like a win-win). 

8. The Hypothetical Game

If you’re running out of things to talk about, play the hypothetical game. Ask your kids random hypothetical questions and see how creative their responses will be! 

Here are some questions to ask: 

  • If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why? 
  • If you could teleport anywhere, where would you go? 
  • If you could meet any celebrity, who would you want to meet and why? 
  • What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

9: 20 Questions

This game’s a classic and fun for all ages. One person thinks of a person, place or animal but doesn’t share their pick. The other players take turns asking yes or no questions to try to decipher the secret word! If the person picked an animal, other participants could ask about its colour, if it’s furry or if it’s a plant or meat eater. Once the group has asked 20 questions, take turns guessing the secret word. 

10: Guess the Song

In this game, someone hums the tune of a famous song (it could be from a TV show, your favourite pop tune or a jingle). Whoever guesses correctly first gets to hum the next song.

11: Would You Rather? 

This one’s easy and fun to play! All you have to do is come up with two undesirable options for other players to choose from, then pose the question, would you rather____ or ____? For example, you could ask: would you rather be stuck in a room full of snakes or have to eat a bug? The options are endless and you can get as silly as you’d like.

If you weren’t prepared to entertain your kids, you are now! These car games for kids are a no-fail way to keep your kids occupied and having fun while on the road.

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